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Mariah Carey news


Mariah Carey's Live Nation-produced The Adventures of Mimi tour will be chronicled on an upcoming DVD of the same name, which will be a Best Buy exclusive at retail. The double-disc "The Adventures of Mimi" will be available at the electronic mass-merchant's stores beginning Dec. 4. Beyond cuts from the "Emancipation of Mimi" album, the track list features Carey and Boyz II Men reprising their smash duet, "One Sweet Day".
Bonus features include behind-the-scenes footage, a karaoke function and a 15-minute spoof film, "Lovers & Haters", directed by Spike Lee. In it, Carey stars as herself. Although the DVD bears the Live Nation Artists/Artist's Nation imprint, Carey remains signed to Island Def Jam, on which she will release her new album sometime next spring.


mariah news


This is the first Christmas in which singles available only as downloads have been eligible to chart in the UK, and it has had a massive effect on seasonal titles, with 10 in the Top 40, 17 in the Top 75 and 44 in the Top 200 - all record tallies.
The song which has come out top of the list is Mariah's "All I Want For Christmas Is You", which jumps 8-4 this week, with sales up a further 46.4% at 19,453. In 1994 "All I Want For Christmas Is You" was certified gold in the UK, with shipment of over 400,000 units. By the close of play 16 December 2007 cumulative sales stood at 471,521 units, based on sales records beginning in 1995. On the Official UK Download Chart, the song jumps six places from number 7 to claim the number 1 spot.

Victoria Beckham: Boobs Out, Baby In?

victoria beckham and mariah carey

After photos revealed Victoria Beckham sporting a significantly flatter bosom on The Spice Girls tour, word on the rumor mill is that she had her breast implants removed. A source tells The Daily Mail that Victoria "had her implants taken out for the tour so she can fit into the costumes without the risk of them falling out during some of the more energetic routines" on The Spice Girls' tour. Of course, Victoria has been coy about whether her enormous knockers came from her mama or from a surgeon's table, but her recent pics seem to, at least, indicate some funny business.

Now there's a report from Page Six suggesting we may see another Posh transformation in the coming months:
During a Spice Girls concert on Friday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Geri Halliwell was rumored to have announced, "She's pregnant!" during the call-out segment of "Wannabe." You know, when the girls sing, "We got G like MC who likes it on an Easy V doesn't come for free, she's a real lady," but instead of that last line, Ginger pointed at Posh's tummy and made the announcement.
Yes, I know it's shocking that a woman of her size could create another human being, but she's already spat three little nippers out of her size minus-two frame.

The 13-year-old Mariah Carey Christmas hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You" is the highest-ranking of several holiday songs entering the UK Top 40 this week. It jumps all the way up to No. 8. Leona Lewis is just chillin' at No. 1, holding it down for a seventh straight week. T2 and Girls Aloud maintain their runners-up spots. And Soulja Boy Tell 'em's "Crank That" dance craze has landed on UK shores: now, little British boys and girls from Bristol to Belfast are learning to "Superman that ho!" Nice.

1. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
Watch the video

2. T2 ft. Jodie Aysha - Heartbroken
Watch the video

3. Girls Aloud - Call the Shots
Watch the video

4. Timbaland ft. New Republic - Apologize
Watch the video

5. Take That - Rule the World
Watch the video

6. Alicia Keys - No One
Watch the video

7. Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse - Valerie
Watch the video

8. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You
Watch the video

9. Shayne Ward - Breathless
Watch the video

10. Soulja Boy Tell 'em - Crank That (Soulja Boy)
Watch the video

In other news:

It's a British tradition: predicting who'll have the Christmas No. 1. But are the songs that claim this achievement destined to be rubbish? The Guardian's Peter Robinson thinks so.

Led Zeppelin is likely on-stage at the O2 Arena as we speak. The Guardian has video of Zep fans camping outside of the venue. NME is live-blogging the concert from inside the O2 Arena. Meanwhile, a Welsh vicar in Wales has told crazed Led Zeppelin fans to stop visiting Bron-yr-Aur, the cottage where the band wrote their third album.

Yikes: The Spice Girls' Vegas gig was half-empty, The Daily Mail reports.

Amy Winehouse's mother Janis has submitted a letter to News of the World pleading with her daughter to come home: "I hope you understand why I'm writing this. We have spoken recently but many people will wonder why I haven't run down to whatever hotel you're staying in, scooped you up and taken you home for a hot bath and a steaming bowl of chicken soup. It's because your father and I know what you're like, Amy. We want to help you, but we know that unless you want to be helped - unless you come to us - anything we tried would be in vain. "

However, Mitch Winehouse, Amy's dad, tells The Mirror: "It is absolute rubbish to suggest that no one has been in touch with Amy. I've seen her five times myself last week. We're getting sick of the sight of each other, we are seeing each other that much."

Meanwhile, Amy is Karl Lagerfeld's "muse." "She is the new Brigitte [Bardot]," he says. (The Sun)

Sir Paul McCartney will receive the Outstanding Achievement in Music award at next year's Brits. Last year's winner? Oasis. As Noel Gallagher would say, "It's a bit mental, innit?" (The Sun)

"It" singer Adele has won the first Brit Awards Critics' Choice award for up-and-coming artists. (BBC)

Alex James is a man of many talents. Blur bassist. Cheese enthusiast. Guardian blogger. Now he's been selected as a judge on the 2007 Costa Book Awards panel. (BBC)

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How Much Is That Celebrity in the Window?

marriah carey news

How Much Is That Celebrity in the Window?
Rent-a-Star Industry Thrives as Folks Hire Celebs for Bar Mitzvahs, Surprise Parties
Rent a celebrity for your next birthday party or bar mitzvah. Tara Reid, top left, comes cheap these days at $3,500 a gig. So, too, does Nick Lachey, top right, whose price tag has dropped to $60,000. Michael Bolton, bottom left, still commands $75,000, and Mariah Carey is as hot as ever at a cool $3 million for a private appearance. More Photos By SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES
Dec. 7, 2007

Share Who's making a guest appearance at your private New Year's Eve party this year? Elton John, Robin Williams or will you settle for Tara Reid?

That all depends on your wallet and the value of your guest's star stock. In the thriving rent-a-celebrity business, the price tag for having a celeb drop by is a telling barometer of who's hot and who's not.

This week, the going rate for Tara Reid, the chaste blonde from the teen cult-classic "American Pie," fell precipitously on the private party circuit. Her asking price dropped from $35,000 to appear at a "Hooker's Ball" with shirtless cowboys to $3,500 for some private parties, according to Australian tabloids.

Rent-a-Celeb"The people who used to be in demand are the good deals today," says Dan Barrett, entertainment producer for Millionaires Concierge, which calls itself the "yellow pages of the rich and famous."

Jessica Is Down
Reid is in good (or bad) company. Demand for Jessica Simpson and former husband Nick Lachey has gone the route of their three-year marriage -- down the tubes.

In an US Weekly survey of celebrity bookings in 2006, Simpson could command up to $400,000 for a private performance, and her ex went for $100,000. Today, the actress's price has fallen to $75,000, only a little more than Lachey's $60,000 a gig, according to Star Link Productions, which books celebrities for fundraisers and private parties.

Similarly, R&B and pop artist Usher, who once earned $1 million for a private appearance, can now get only $175,000, booking agencies say.

An increasing number of celebrities are relying on the private party circuit to enrich their paychecks. But as some, like Reid, see their star stock plunge, others are soaring in the lucrative and growing celebrity-for-rent business.

The hottest names garner the biggest price tags.

Mariah's on Fire
Mariah Carey earns a cool $3 million for a private appearance, up from $1 million in 2006, and Pamela Anderson's price has ballooned from $75,000 to $250,000.

Opulent affairs with rock heroes are common in hedge-fund central, New York City, and in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the stock-option windfalls of the dot-com era are still being spent.

Some of the top names in entertainment -- Elton John, the Rolling Stones and Christine Aguilera -- have also appeared at company-sponsored events. But as corporate indulgences have been reined in, the wealthiest executives are more likely to call in celebs for their own private parties.

In 2005, then Point Blank Solutions Inc.'s CEO David Brooks threw a lavish $10 million bat mitzvah for his 13-year-old daughter, Liza. He was later charged with fraud for allegedly bank rolling performances by Aerosmith, 50 Cent, Tom Petty, Kenny G and the Eagles on the company dollar.

Brooks reportedly sent the company jet to fly in Aerosmith to Rockfeller Center's Rainbow Room and paid the group $2 million so that his nephew could play drums with the band, according to published reports.

Other celebrities such as the Beastie Boys, David Lee Roth and even Kiss' Gene Simmons have done the bar mitzvah circuit.

Last New Year's Eve, British pop star George Michael earned $3 million an hour singing for a Russian mining and lumber magnate. The gig was 75 minutes, and he was home in London by lunchtime, according to press reports.

10 Priciest Celebrity DivorcesTypically, a celebrity who charges $300,000 for a public performance can bill a private client $400,000, often demanding a jet and accommodations for his entourage -- plus lighting, food and instrument rental costs, according to booking agencies.

The Price of Fame
There are still some bargains, according to Star Link's executive producer Katrina Berg Sussmeier. "Michael Buble has asked for $10,000 forever," she said. "I tell my clients, please book him now. His price will soon soar to $400,000 or more."

Celeb appearances can be pricey, but that hasn't stopped the average McMansion owner from calling Sussmeier. Television shows like "My Fabulous Sweet 16" have convinced some that they can indeed hire a big name for a teen party.

Though the hoi polloi sometimes overreach a bit.

"Stop calling me with crap you cannot afford," Sussmeier said. "I had one call from a woman who said if Madonna comes to my party, I'll pay half the airfare. But why would she want to come to your damn party in Ohio in your living room?"

Many celebrities won't even consider a party unless MTV is there, according to Sussmeier. Others, like Robert De Niro and Woody Allen, "just won't do it," she said.

Millionaires Concierge, which books stars for product placement, luxury services and publicity events, recently arranged for crooner Chris Issak to sing at the 40th birthday party of a top executive's wife in Mexico. For a 30-minute appearance, the bill topped $150,000.
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